Submitting Work Samples

Business Administration

University of Silicon Valley prides itself on cultivating students who can do things.

This is the beginning of that adventure, as well as your first assignment. If you already have existing work to show us, you should simply gather and organize it. If you don’t have any work samples, do not worry. In these guidelines, we provide directions on how to create work samples.

What to do

We’d love to hear about your business and entrepreneurial experiences!

For an artist, designer or other creative student applying to USV, the types of work to submit are fairly intuitive. For a business student, the type of work to submit may not be that obvious.

Submission of work samples is not required for admission into the BBA program.

Show Us You Mean Business

Create a short narrative or executive summary of your accomplishments. Include evidence of your business acumen.

Some Examples

Examples of work you may submit include the following:

  • Samples of projects on which you were the lead
  • List of accomplishments, particularly those that include business management entrepreneurship and innovation
  • List of business awards received
  • News or web articles about you or the projects on which you worked
  • Business documents (please exercise discretion with anything confidential)

How to Submit Your Work

It’s easy to submit your work. You can submit 2-3 pieces of evidence from the list in the previous section. If you have an existing business and it has a website, include the URL for the site. For your write-ups, present your work professionally. You may use Microsoft Word, a slide deck, a website or other appropriate digital media.

Preferred Formats

Digital format preferred.


Grading Criteria

  1. Breadth of knowledge of business concepts and practices
  2. Depth of business experience

Help and tips

To prepare your work for submission, all you need to do is collect evidence of what you have already created and achieved. Save each item as digital copies and submit the work to the Admissions Office.

Questions and Support

Do you have any questions or need any help to submit or create work samples? Please contact the Department Director, Dr. Bobbi Makani, or your Admissions Representative. We are here to help you.