What is Articulation?

Articulation is the alignment and comparability of coursework between two levels of education, such as high school and community college. This determination is established through major specific faculty-to-faculty collaboration or articulation officers.


University of Silicon Valley has established articulation agreements with the following post-secondary institutions.

Agreement Archive

Transfer Evaluation System

If you are interested in transferring courses from another institution not listed above check out USV College’s Transfer Information Database. Be advised that this listing is to serve as a guide and may change at any time. The Transfer Information Database is constantly undergoing updates to include more academic institutions and courses.



This process pertains to the articulation of high school/ROP course(s) for college credit. College credit coursework is not pertinent within the scope of this process already standardized by other agencies or Prior Learning Assessments (PLA's): i.e., CollegeBoard’s Advanced Placement.

  • High School/ROP Faculty makes initial contact with Articulation Officer and/or Program Director/Chair
    • Angela Acuna, Registrar and Articulation Officer,
    • Michael Kaczmarek, Program Director of Digital Art and Animation,
    • Ricardo Kayanan, Program Director of Game Design and Development,
    • Xo Nguyen, Program Director of Digital Audio Technology,
  • High School/ROP will need to complete the High School Course Articulation Agreement by providing all pertinent information.
    Download the Agreement Template
    For a full listing of courses please refer to the College Catalog.
  • High School/ROP representative must submit agreement after all information is provided and return to University of Silicon Valley Articulation Officer for review.
  • Upon completion of the process, a determination will be made on whether courses taken at a secondary level will be accepted for credit at University of Silicon Valley. If denied, faculty will provide the high school or ROP educational institute will be notified of recommendations for future course articulation.