Admissions - Samples of Work


The Digital Art and Animation, Digital Audio Technology, and Game Art programs require that a sample of prior work be submitted for review during the admissions process. The sample should be representative of the applicant's style and skill set. Applicants should only include their best work. Please pay close attention to the requirements for each program.

Digital Art and Animation - Admissions Work Sample Requirements

Digital Audio Technology - Admissions Work Sample Requirements

Game Art - Admissions Work Sample Requirements

Work Sample Evaluation Process

An applicant's sample is evaluated once the Enrollment Services Office has received a completed application packet. A completed packet consists of the application, application fee, recommendation, all official transcripts, and sample. After an initial evaluation by the Enrollment Services team, two folders are created. The manila folder contains a permanent record that is kept in the Registrar's Office. The blue folder, in conjunction with the sample, is used for further evaluation by the faculty on campus. The instructor who receives the blue folder reviews the sample and completes a second transcript evaluation.

Any recommendations the faculty member makes about the prospect's abilities are documented in specific evaluation forms. Once all evaluation forms are completed, the blue folder and sample are returned to the Enrollment Services Office. At that point a determination is made on the applicant's admissions status. This folder is later forwarded to the admitted student's academic advisor.

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