CUSV Brand Guidelines

The Cogswell University of Silicon Valley experience is truly extraordinary. We dig deep into the creative process. Our students are given a rare hands-on approach to the practices demanded by today’s creative industries. They are given the support they need to innovate, connect, and make things happen. They can walk into chaos and create order. They can take a conventional idea and create a remarkable one.

These guidelines ensure we express these shared values with every communication. In short, this helps us all to:

  • Execute CUSV’s brand voice
  • Differentiate CUSV and our programs from others with a crisp, clean and smart aesthetic
  • Resonate with our audience in an authentic and meaningful way

Download our Brand Guidelines & Logos Here:

CUSV Brand Guidelines

CUSV Logos


Primary colors

Color is a critical institutional identifier. Blue and green should be used by all departments and comprise a unifying brand element across our programs, degrees, majors and concentrations.


Our primary typeface is Geometos Rounded